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Trip highlights: Islamabad-Skardu-Deosai-Shigar-Khaplu-Hunza-Chitral-Kalash-Peshawar.


Embark on an enchanting 18-day journey through the picturesque landscapes of Pakistan, beginning with a warm welcome in Islamabad. After exploring the capital city, the adventure takes flight as the group travels to Skardu. The exploration continues through the ancient town of Khaplu, where the Khaplu Fort and Tibetan-style Mosque leave a lasting impression. A scenic drive to the charming village of Machlu, nestled in the Karakoram Range, offers breathtaking views from the Mashabrum View Point. Returning to Skardu, a visit to the captivating Kachura Lakes concludes the mountainous leg of the journey. The expedition then winds its way to Astore via the Deosai National Park, showcasing the unique landscapes of Lulu Sar Lake and Satpara Lake. Visits to historic landmarks such as Baltit Fort and the Ganesh village in Hopper Valley enrich the cultural experience. The journey then weaves through Upper Hunza, passing through iconic attractions like Attabad Lake and Hussaini Suspension Bridge. Continuing the adventure, the group is treated to the stunning views of the Karakoram Range on the drive to Phandar, a location blessed with panoramic views of the Indus River. The tour then ventures to Pawrak, known for having the highest polo field globally, before heading to the captivating city of Chitral. Stops at Trichmir viewpoint and Chitral Fort add historical depth to the itinerary. The tour takes a fascinating turn as it enters Kafiristan, specifically the Kalash Valley of Bumburet, immersing travelers in the rich cultural tapestry of the local communities and their vibrant music. The journey then leads to the bustling city of Peshawar, known for its historical charm A delightful traditional lunch at the Peshawar food street adds culinary flair to the experience. The tour concludes with a farewell dinner in Islamabad, offering a perfect culmination to an unforgettable expedition.

01Upon arrival at Islamabad Airport, our dedicated team extends a warm welcome to our esteemed guests, ensuring a delightful commencement to their journey. See the sighting of Islamabad. Overnight in Islamabad.
02Take the morning flight to Skardu. Visit Kachura Lake. Drive to Shigar. Visit Cold Desert & Shigar Fort. Overnight in Shigar.
03Drive to the town of Khaplu. Visit Khaplu Fort and Old Tibetan style Mosque influences. Hike to Thoqsikhar the top of Khaplu. Overnight in Khaplu.
04Journey to Machlu, a charming village nestled in the breathtaking Karakoram Range. Visit Mashabrum View Point. Drive back to Khaplu. Overnight in Khaplu.
05Drive to Skardu town. Stoppage at Ghowari village & Sayok-Indus river confluence point. Visit lower & upper Kachura lake. Overnight in Skardu.
06Drive Towards Astore Valley Along Deosai National Park. En-route visit to Satpara & Lulu Sar Lake. Overnight in Astore.
07Drive to Karimabad. Traditional Dinner at women led café. Walk around Karimabad market(bazaar). Overnight in Karimabad.
08Visit Baltit Fort, Altit Fort, and Ganesh village. Visit Eagle Nest Point for sunset. Traditional music at Karimabad. Overnight in Karimabad.
09Drive to Passu. En-route stoppage at Attabad Lake for boating. Visit Hussaini Suspension Bridge. Overnight in Passu.
10Drive to Gulmit Polo ground. Visit Korgah Carpet House (women-led business). Drive around different villages of Gulmit. Overnight in Passu. 
11Drive from Upper Hunza Passu to Phander, greeted by panoramic views of the Karakoram Range and the mighty Indus River.  Overnight in Phandar.
12Drive to Parwak Via Shandur Pass 3724m. The highest polo field in the world.  Overnight in Parwak.
13Drive to Chitral. En-route stoppage at Trich Mir viewpoint. Visit Chitral Fort and the old bazaar. Overnight in Chitral.
14Drive to Kafiristan-Kalash, village of Bumburet. Visit the villages & meet the local people. Local Music at night. Overnight in Bumburet.
15Visit the other two valleys of Kalash Birir and Rumbur. Drive back to Bumburet. Overnight in Bumburet.
16Drive to Peshawar while passing Upper and Lower Dir. Visit Tak-I-Bai near Mardan. Overnight in Peshawar.
17Visit Qissa Kawani Market & Peshawar Museum. Traditional Lunch at Peshawar Food Street. Drive to Islamabad. Farewell Dinner at Islamabad. Overnight in Islamabad.
18Drop off at the Airport. Back to home sweet home.





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