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Polo, hailed as the “Game of Kings” and revered as the sovereign of all sports, has a rich tradition in the Northern areas of Pakistan, particularly in Chitral, where it has been played for centuries. Originally a means of settling disputes between small kingdoms, villages, and rival groups, polo holds historical significance as the arbiter of conflicts. The consequences for the losing team were substantial—losing land, territory, paying heavy fines, and at times, facing death penalties.

One of the most iconic expressions of this traditional sport is the freestyle polo game held annually in July on the Shandur Pass (3734 meters), renowned as the highest polo field in the world. This three-day polo tournament is a collaborative effort between the Gilgit and Chitral polo clubs, as well as local administration. During the Shandur polo tournament, participants reside in comfortable two-person tents equipped with mess and toilet facilities. A skilled cook ensures the provision of hearty and delectable meals, creating a unique and immersive experience against the backdrop of the breathtaking Shandur Pass.

1Welcome to Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan. City tour and sunset at Monal. Overnight In Islamabad.
2Drive to Dir: Embark on a road trip to Dir, Visit the Takht Bhai monastery, and explore the Churchill picket at the Malakand Fort. Meals and overnight accommodation will be provided at the hotel.
3Morning drive by four-wheel jeeps to Chitral through over the scenic Lawari passes and continues to drive to Chitral. meals and overnight in Ayun.
 4Kalash Valley: Begin the day with a scenic drive to the Kalash valleys, followed by an afternoon excursion to Rambur. Explore the local houses to observe the unique lifestyle of the Kalash tribe. As evening descends, immerse yourself in the enchanting Kalash dance and music. Enjoy meals and an overnight stay at the hotel, making the most of this cultural experience. Overnight in Ayun.
5 Drive to Mastuj: After breakfast, set out on a morning drive to Mastuj, winding through scenic valleys and villages that offer commanding views of Tirich Mir, the highest peak in the Hindukush range. Enjoy an overnight stay at the hotel, taking in the breathtaking landscapes along the journey.
6Shandoor Pass: Following breakfast, embark on a scenic drive to Shandur Pass, traversing picturesque villages like Laspur. The journey offers breathtaking views along the way. Enjoy meals and an overnight stay in comfortable tents, surrounded by the beauty of the Shandur Pass.
7 Shandoor (Polo match)
Experience the day immersed in the thrilling polo match, and as the evening unfolds, delight in local music and dancing. Meals will be served, providing a delightful cultural experience, and you’ll spend the night in comfortable tents amid the scenic surroundings.
8 Shandoor (Polo match): Indulge in the excitement of the polo match during the day, and as the evening sets in, relish the enchanting local music and dancing. Meals will be served, offering a delightful culinary experience, and you’ll spend the night in cozy tents, surrounded by the captivating ambiance.
9Phandar: Drive to Phander a very scenic and beautiful village with lush green meadows and crystal clear streams ideal for trout fishing. Overnight in hotel.
10 Drive to Gilgit: Embark on a morning drive to Gilgit, traversing the lush green valleys of Punial and Sherqila. Along the way. Enjoy an overnight stay at the hotel, taking in the historical and natural wonders of the region.
11Back to Islamabad: Following breakfast, embark on a drive to Islamabad, meandering through the scenic Abbottabad and Mansehra valleys. En route, take a moment to explore the archaeological museum at Taxila. Enjoy an overnight stay at the hotel, reflecting on the cultural and historical highlights of the journey.
12Islamabad: Early flight home.





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