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Hidden deep within the expansive reaches of the Karakoram Mountain range lie two of the planet’s longest glaciers outside the polar regions – the Biafo and the Hispar Glaciers. This rugged and awe-inspiring landscape is the stuff of adventure dreams.

Introducing our most challenging expedition, the 21-day Snow Lake Trek. It stands as the epitome of remoteness and uniqueness among our trekking offerings, catering to those who crave a genuine adventure experience.

Venture into this untouched wilderness with the assurance that our expert staff possesses the skills and local knowledge essential for conquering the Snow Lake Trek. This isn’t just a journey; it’s the ultimate challenge for those seeking an authentic and remote adventure. Let our team guide you through the breathtaking landscapes of the Karakoram, turning your adventure dreams into an awe-inspiring reality.

1Upon your arrival at Islamabad airport, our dedicated staff will be there to welcome you. You will be promptly transported to the hotel, providing you with a chance to unwind and rejuvenate. We highly recommend arriving in Islamabad a day before your scheduled start, allowing you to acclimate, settle in, and be fully prepared for the adventures that await on the morning of day one.
2Early morning flight to Skardu. This flight offers spectacular views of iconic peaks such as Nanga Parbat and other massive summits in the vicinity. Upon arrival in Skardu, guests will enjoy ample free time to rest and explore the city. Overnight Skardu
3A refreshing Breakfast. Free time in the morning. Later in the day, we will embark on a group visit to Kharpocho Fort.
Overnight Skardu
 4Drive from Skardu to Askole Village: Today is the starting day. Following breakfast, we’ll load up the 4×4 jeeps and drive to Askole – the pivotal gateway to Central Karakoram National Park. (6-8 hours).
Overnight at Askole in tents.  
5Trek to Namla (3,571m): Embarking on a 12-kilometer trek lasting 7 to 8 hours, our journey commences by tracing the well-trodden path of the K2 Base Camp trail. Upon reaching a crucial juncture, we veer westward onto the Biafo Glacier. The trail involves an ascent over a shoulder, leading us to the left moraine. From there, a descent onto the glacier itself precedes a return to the left bank. Our destination is the serene grassy camping site known as Namla, nestled behind a lateral moraine. This picturesque location offers a perfect spot for rest and rejuvenation amidst the pristine wilderness.  
6 Trek to Mango (3,715 m): After a good breakfast navigating through a fracture zone on the glacier, our journey leads us to the central expanse of the glacier. As the day comes to a close, we establish our camp in a serene grassy area on the left bank of the Biafo.

Walking 7km (5 to 6 hours)
7 Trek to Baintha (4,041m): Continuing our journey, the route progresses up the center of the glacier, presenting a wide, ice-covered pathway that eases the walking compared to the previous day’s challenges. Crossing to the right, we transition off the glacier to find ourselves in a grassy area, where the Baintha camp is strategically located.
8 Acclimatization and Rest (4041m): Today has been designated as a rest day, providing you and the porters with an opportunity to acclimatize to the high altitude. Use this day to recharge and take in the breathtaking mountain vistas that surround our resting haven.
9Trek to Morfogoro (4,298m): The trail becomes steep and loose as we ascend onto the glacier. Throughout this leg of the journey, breathtaking views unfold, showcasing many majestic peaks, including The Ogre (7,813m). Additionally, we are treated to our first glimpses of the Hispar La and the expansive beauty of Snow Lake, adding to the awe-inspiring vistas that accompany our trek. Spectacular views along the trail of Masherbrum, Gasherbrum IV, and the summit of Broad Peak can be seen from just outside your tent. Overnight Morfogoro in tents.

Walking 11km (5 to 6 hours)    
10Trek to Hispar LA Base Camp (4,585m):
Snow Lake, a high-altitude glacial basin spanning over 16 kilometers at the head of the Biafo and Hispar glaciers, unfolds before us. Named by Martin Conway, the inaugural foreign visitor, in 1892, Snow Lake has been described by him as “beyond all comparison the finest view of mountains it has ever been my lot to behold, nor do I believe the world can hold a finer.” Today, we have the privilege of experiencing the same breathtaking panorama that captivated Conway over a century ago.

Walking 10km (8 hours)
11 Cross Snow Lake and Trek to Hispar LA High Camp(5,149m): Today’s trek takes us towards the expansive Snow Lake area as we ascend towards Hispar La. The ascent to Hispar La. Upon reaching Hispar La, the panoramic views are nothing short of spectacular. Looking down the Biafo Glacier, we witness the stunning expanse of Snow Lake, with The Ogre etched against the horizon. This strategic positioning sets the stage for a morning crossing of the La, ensuring we savor every moment in this special place.

Walking 11km (5 to 6 hours)
12Trek to Kani Basa (4,468m); Commencing with an early start, we descend from Hispar La, maneuvering through a crevassed region. The journey involves crossing the Kani Basa glacier, marked by a fracture zone where the two glaciers converge. Shortly after navigating this unique landscape, we arrive at our camp nestled in a grassy ablation valley. From this vantage point, we’re treated to captivating views of Kanjut Sar (7,760m), adding a touch of natural splendor to our campsite in this pristine wilderness.

Walking 4km (5 hours)
13Trek to Jutmal or Yutmaru (4,138m): Today presents a formidable challenge as we navigate a series of moraine ridges, ascend a loose scree slope, and traverse several glacial streams. The path requires careful navigation through varied terrain. Our destination, Jutmal camp, awaits on a grassy area situated alongside the glacier, providing a welcome reprieve after the day’s demanding journey.

Walking 10.5km (6 to 7 hours)
14 Trek to Bitanma (3,765m): Covering a distance of 8 kilometers over 6 to 7 hours, our route persists along the central expanse of the glacier, akin to a broad highway. After an hour of trekking, we descend a steep bank to cross another side glacier before returning to the familiar valley, where the terrain becomes more favorable. Our camp at Bitanmal is situated in a spacious meadow, frequently utilized by herders from Hispar village, offering a picturesque setting for our overnight stay
15 Falling Chhish (3,605m): Concluding our glacier crossings, we navigate the final side glacier, the Kunyang Glacier. Following this, we ascend a steep path, crossing a stream to access the serene meadows at Falling Chhish.                              

Walking 5km (4-6 hours)
16Walking 15km (7 to 8 hours): Departing from our camp at Falling Chhish, we traverse a bridge to reach the charming Hispar village. Upon arrival, the condition of the road will dictate our next steps. If the road is accessible, we may encounter our jeeps in the village. In the event of a broken road, a brief additional walk precedes a short drive to our final campsite on this remarkable trek.
17Drive to Hunza: Two-hour jeep ride, we navigate a narrow track leading to Nagar village before connecting with the Karakoram Highway. Our journey continues along the road to Karimabad.
Overnight Krimabad in Hotel.
18After a relaxing breakfast. Visting the local town of Karimabad. A farewell lunch in Hunza. And leave for Gilgit.
19 Fly to Islamabad: Early morning flight back to the capital
20A reserve day in Islamabad if the flight got canceled from Gilgit.
21Going back home. Airport





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